Tips to prolong the life of your high-performance activewear

If you love working out, your activewear would largely dominate your wardrobe’s prized possessions. In all honesty, you put your activewear through the roughest and toughest use by voluntarily choosing to sweat in them extensively. Don’t even get us started on the odor that comes along. That too on a daily basis! While it is one thing is to buy good and worthwhile gym tees and shorts, another thing is to maintain them intelligently. This is essential because the fibres of these clothes battle moisture and bacterial growth. They need proper care not only to extend their shelf life but also drive out maximum benefit from them. Here are some tips that can certainly help you in maintaining your activewear:

Dry your gym clothes before washing them

Once done with your workout, take some time to hang and spread all your drenched clothes for air to pass through them. Let them dry naturally for at least 2 - 3 hours. Do this for your undergarments as well. If time and space allow, leave them overnight and put them for washing the next morning. This step will increase the shelf life of your clothes by taking care of the sweat and subsequent moisture that gets housed in the yarn of the garment.

Wash your activewear inside out

Once air dried after use, reverse your gym clothes inside out before putting them in for a wash. This will help in washing away the moisture and bacteria locked in the stitch and threads of your garment. Portions like armpits, crotch, and neckline tend to accumulate more sweat as compared to other parts of the clothes. Reversing them will help in cleaning them even better. This is another quick, simple and effective tip to maintain your gym clothes.

Dry them completely before use

If you dwell in regions of the country that receive rainfall throughout the year or experience humidity, clothes take longer to dry. Since you require gym clothes daily, make sure they are entirely dried up. It is because you would not want to mix locked dampness and sweat together. If you are new to working out daily, take a week or ten days to figure out the number of clothes you need for you to smoothly get through. Rotate your activewear pairs but never wear them damp.

Avoid washing your gym clothes in hot water

To make your activewear efficient at large, the yarn, the blend and the fabric of clothes undergo special treatments. These treatments are done to amplify their purpose and must be preserved and well taken care of. Washing these clothes in hot water can potentially damage their effects and decrease the elasticity and stretch capability of textiles. It can also break down your fabric and cause your clothing to shrink. It is advisable to wash these clothes in water at normal temperatures to maintain the character of the garments.

Don’t share to care

Just like you refrain from sharing undergarments with others, your activewear is one set of clothes that you should neither lend nor borrow. Your gym clothes absorb and carry the fluids that your body releases. Therefore for the betterment of your personal hygiene and for the people around you, it is best that they are kept from sharing. If someday you fall short of a cloth piece, try to resort to non-activewear clothes and suggest the same to others. Also, your activewear garments meet your workout requirements but might not suit others’ requirements and expectations.

This is what you should know to understand what high-performance activewear is exactly all about

Workout clothing is often made of a stretchable, high-quality fabric designed to move with you during a workout and keep you cool by wicking sweat away from the body. This type of fabric is typically made from blended synthetic fibers. These fibers are highly engineered to be breathable. 

Buy less but buy (very) good

Don’t settle for cheap thrills when it comes to purchasing and using activewear for exercising. These garments are designed and constructed to pull up your performance and enhance your range of motion. Any good piece of activewear will also have apt stretchability so that they don’t restrict your movements. As you make up your mind to invest in clothes for exercising, look for the right features. Take into account factors like durability, breathability, length, odor removal, and moisture management. It might also be interesting to research what type of workout garments suit your workout type and your personal comfort. Whether shorts are more suitable for you while doing yoga or a pair of joggers would do the job. Spend some time selecting the correct type of activewear. Your clothes should be the last thing that withholds you from achieving your fitness goals. It might be a little daunting to shell out money for activewear, but it will certainly be all worth it. Settle for the characteristics that these clothes come with. They are much more than what they look like. The brains that make activewear are always keener on developing the features of your gym tees and shorts rather than developing the aesthetics. Delve deeper, ask questions and then make up your mind. Put a spin on your next workout with these SuperSilva tees that are infused with silver ions that ensure permanent odor removal along with a cutting-edge anti-static and sweat-wicking technology.

One-step and one issue at a time, activewear fabric experts are coming up with innovations to make activewear staggering. Breathability is one sector that has been witnessing constant research, development, and resolution. The breathable nature of activewear apparel can heavily benefit your workouts. Body parts like armpits demand fabric that allows air to pass because these parts exert more sweat than others. Therefore moisture gets locked and stays. Not only does this restrain movements but also ignites an uncomfortable sticky feeling.  And then come the urges to scratch and the embarrassment and the awareness to stop yourself from scratching, because obviously, people are around. A solution that can facilitate the outflow of moisture from the body, as well as the garment, can do wonders. What follows is more shelf life of the garment because it practically becomes self-drying. Imagine how great a workout can suddenly become if sweat finds a better and self-sufficient way to fly out of the body. And takes the malodors along, from everywhere! The good news is that all of this is now possible with these new Ball cooling shorts. The fabric has 3D Knitting Technology that creates mini air pockets that help in heat dissipation during your extensive workouts. Moreover, it doesn't stick anywhere, either to your skin or to your balls. There are a lot of reasons to keep things fresh in the land down under for better hygiene, better health, etc. But the best reason to upgrade to these shorts is the inevitable confidence that comes with the right foundation.

How many pairs of activewear should you own

The number of workout shorts and tees that you should have totally depend on the frequency of gym days or exercise sessions. See how they are spread across the week or ten days. Figure that out and then decide on a number. Some workout days might be loaded with more intense exercises while others might not be. Check if you can repeat any of the tees or shorts or joggers on two days. If you come down to repeating any garment again before washing makes sure they are air-dried. 

This is how you can store your activewear

These fabrics can be hung or folded. You might find it helpful to organize and store your workout gear by type, such as bottoms, tops, etc. Others might like to put matching outfits together so they can easily grab a set of clothing and get rolling. Regardless, make sure the garments are clean if you are planning to take a break from using them and storing them away for a long time. 

How to repair activewear

Small rips in seams are easily repairable by hand with a matching thread and a needle. Rips in the body of the garment can be stitched the same way but will leave an obvious seam. They will be visible. Activewear made with high-performance fabrics usually does not unravel, but holes can become bigger if stretched or with extensive wear and tear Moreover, treat these as a mark of your hard work and victory towards having worked out extensively.

As much effort as you put in to stay consistent towards fitness goals, a part of it should also be made towards giving good care and maintenance to your workout gear, activewear especially. After all, they are the elements that stay with you and support you all throughout. While exercising you might be putting them through a bit of a stretch, but post usage they should be attended to. It would not be really wise to ignore them, especially when you have to invest a nice amount of your dough for owning them. By taking these extra precautions and treating your workout wear differently from your other clothing, you can be sure to keep your tees, joggers, shorts, and other workout wear in top form.

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