Why should you get your blood panel done?

The average adult has roughly 5 liters of blood, and our blood typically counts for 7% of our body weight. It’s primary function is to transport nutrients and oxygen to and from the cells as well as remove metabolic waste products. It also detects foreign bodies and looks after immunization, delivers messages through hormones, and regulates body temperature. This pretty much makes it quite important to take care of since it facilitates the most fundamental functions in the body. Therefore conducting regular blood tests can help in evaluating overall health, metabolism, liver function, mineral levels and various other important biomarkers.

Regular blood tests can help in assessing overall health of the human body

Regular blood tests are important and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Blood tests can help in detecting any health problems in advance and treat them before they go out of hand. They also ensure that the body is able to absorb the right amount of minerals and vitamins. If any deficiency is identified, the diet can be improved to fill up.
  2. These tests also keep a tab of components of blood like platelets, hemoglobin, white blood cells, etc. A discrepancy in the ideal counts of these components in blood can be indicative of disorders.
  3. If you are someone who donates blood orderly then you are required to stay updated about your body’s vital stats. Before extending help to others, you should yourself be perfectly healthy. 
  4. Blood tests can provide a measurement system for gathering feedback about your body. It can help take data-driven decisions and aid in health tracking. 
  5. These tests can also look after minor imbalances and notice small changes sooner before they turn into something more serious. 
  6. These tests can provide information about your body so that steps can be taken towards self improvement.
  7. The effect of any alteration in the diet, lifestyle and fitness regimes find their direct impact on body and on blood too. Thus these tests can help assess the impact, good and bad. 

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